REAL Working Groups

REAL set up working groups to focus on specific issues in the industry

Market Development Working Group

REAL has set up a Market Development Working Group (MDWG) to focus on market related issues and opportunities and report back to the CCS and BCS TAC. The MDWG will provide industry with the opportunity to build and develop new and existing markets for biofertiliser and quality compost.

WRAP used to play a vital role within the organics recycling industry by liaising with the markets for quality digestate and quality compost, promoting the quality standards and maintaining market confidence. Unfortunately funding from WRAP is no longer available and its engagement with the industry is limited.

Currently there is no other body that works to develop markets for biofertiliser and quality compost. The dynamic within the industry might have changed but the need to maintain market confidence in these materials and develop markets for these materials still exists. To this end, REAL set up its MDWG to develop new and existing markets for certified digestate and compost.