Guidance for participants on the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme

  1. Guidance for BCS members supplying digestate to Quality Meat Scotland members. This document outlines the additional quality requirements for Quality Meat Scotland members in addition to the requirements of the basic requirements of the BCS standards.
  2. BCS Position on Technical Requirements*. This is the accompanying document to the BCS Scheme Rules, outlining the scheme position on specific requirements. The aim of this note is to provide clarification on some of the technical aspects of PAS 110, ADQP and the BCS Scheme Rules (latest version). The interpretations given in this document have been discussed and agreed with the certification bodies and their inspectors.
  3. BCS Position on the Use of Additives – this is the latest BCS position on the use of additives by AD operators producing digestate under the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme
  4. BCS Position on RBP Duplicate Result Validity – this is the BCS position on RBP test result validity based on duplicate measurements.
  5. Guidance on sampling liquid materials in accordance with BSI PAS110:2014 – This BCS liquid sampling guidance will guide Operators to take representative samples of liquid digestate and ensure consistency of sampling.
  6. BCS Position on RBP Inoculum Inhibition – this is the latest BCS position on RBP inoculum inhibition. It includes the procedures operators follow if they are experiencing this issue.
  7. BCS RPS241 Guidance - This note provides guidance to BCS participants and appointed Certification Bodies on the applicable changes.
  8. Guidance on assessing PAS 110 test results against SEPA plastic limits - Operators (or their representatives) are required to review laboratory test results to ensure digestates pass SEPA’s plastic limit, as well as the PAS 110 physical contaminant limit. This document provides guidance on how to make such an assessment.
  9. Guidance on labelling your PAS110 sample - This guidance, which will be most useful for applicants, explains how to fill out the PAS 110 digestate analysis request form, and the importance of labelling samples for testing correctly.
  10. BCS Guidance Document for Applicants - Gives a detailed explanation of the process of applying to BCS.

Important Note: The provisions of the Guidance given in these documents are subject to approval and possible change by the Environment Agency of England and Wales, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and Northern Ireland Environment Agency, and to further guidance from the BCS Technical Advisory Committee. The independent Certifying Bodies appointed by BCS will follow the conditions of the PAS110, ADQP & ASRS whilst also taking into account the BCS Scheme Rules.