Technical Information

Technical Information about the REAL's Biofertiliser Certification Scheme

Technical Information

You can find a summary, and links to, relevant reports in the BCS Technical Information Document, linked here.

Design Considerations

Biogas Plant Developer Alerts

  • For developers designing or planning biogas plants we particularly recommend looking carefully at the following sections of the PAS110 or ADQP which may influence your decisions and have major implications for capital expenditure on your plant
  • The list is by no means exhaustive and reflects queries received by BCS so far
  • For further details of queries received and guidance given see BCS website under Guidance
  • Please note that when reviews of PAS110 or ADQP are carried out, the requirements for compliance may change and may invalidate some of the points below.   Please contact BCS for an update on when reviews are expected
Section in PAS110ContentImplications
7.2.2Pasteurisation is the default position for PAS110 – even for non ABP feedstocks - except when inputs arise from the producer’s holding and the digestate is also used on that holding.A plant taking non ABP feedstocks may still require pasteurisation equipment capable of meeting ABP standards
7.1.5Digestate stored at the plant premises needs to be in covered storage, but once it has left the premises it does not need to be in a covered store. If the digestate is to be used on producers own premises/land no coverage is required at allStorage of digestate on the premises will require coverage
Tables 1 & 2 (pages 30 & 33). Also 12.2 for post validation
Test Parameters – Residual Biogas Potential Test (RBP)The test measures whether full digestion has taken place – this may influence the retention times used for the plant and therefore the tonnage of feedstocks per year that can be treated