Getting Started

Applying for initial certification - key steps

  1. When you are ready, get in touch with BCS to inform them that your plant is ready to start the certification process.
  2. Read the PAS 110 and Quality Protocol.
  3. Review your facility against the criteria in the PAS110 and QP (or SEPA) documents to determine those changes that are necessary to pass the standard. There is a checklist that will be used by the certifying body when they inspect your plant that may be useful to review the facility against the criteria.
  4. You may need a guide to instituting a Quality Management system or HACCP system, as these are important aspects of PAS110, it may be useful to contact a consultant or attend a course to ensure this is done correctly.
  5. Carry out the changes you identify as necessary
  6. Select a Certification Body from the three contracted organisations and request an application form together with any documentation that is necessary for accreditation
  7. Contact the approved laboratories to discuss taking samples and submitting for testing.
  8. You will need to request a temporary certification code from REAL ( to provide on the PAS110 Digestate Analysis Request Form.
  9. Forward the full application form plus accompanying documents and fee to the Certification Body.

Download the BCS guidance document for applicants here.