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Biofertiliser Certification Scheme Producers

This page allows you to search the full list of scheme participants of the BCS. You can search by the company's name, by the geographical region you are in, your postcode if you are located in the UK, or by the digestate output type you are looking for. This information is updated on a daily basis.

This information is being updated on a daily basis.

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BCS Number Operator / Company Name Site name County Digestate output type(s) Certificate expiry date
BCS0323C154 D&F Solutions D&F Solutions Hartlepool Durham Whole digestate 22/03/2025
BCS0923C157 BioConstruct NewEnergy Ltd Evercreech AD Facility Whole digestate 06/09/2024
BCS0923C156 Wildmore Renewables Wildmore Renewables Separated fibre 25/01/2025

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