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BCS hosts first webinar on sampling for operators

Posted: 27 March, 2024. Written by Oliver

The Biofertiliser Certification Scheme (BCS) held the first Sampling Guidance Webinar for operators earlier this month. The webinar focused on the PAS 110 liquid digestate sampling requirements and guidance. 

The webinar provided a platform for discussion between REAL and operators using interactive webinar features such as Q&A, polls, and other feedback mechanisms. The webinar was developed to assist operators who have received non-conformances related to sampling practice or those new to the scheme. 

At the webinar, the following subjects were covered: 

  1. Updates to scheme rules
  2. REAL’s guidance on sampling liquid digestate in accordance with BSI PAS110:2014
  3. Sampling in practice
  4. Transport logistics
  5. Developing SOPs

Schemes Manager, Oliver Dunn, commenting on the webinar said: 

“The webinar provided a great opportunity for operators to ask open-ended, multi-faceted questions in a live format. Participants were able to learn from each other and engage actively through a Q&A session and poll system. In this way, the webinar presented an opportunity for operators to discuss sampling approaches that are relevant to them instead of discussing each sampling approach in detail. There was a good turnout and BCS remains committed to hosting such activities for the benefit of operators.” 

We intend for these webinars to be held on a biannual basis and they are entirely free.