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This page allows you to search the full list of scheme participants of the BCS. You can search by the company's name, by the geographical region you are in, your postcode if you are located in the UK, or by the digestate output type you are looking for. This information is updated on a daily basis.

This information is being updated on a daily basis.

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BCS Number Operator / Company Name Site name County Digestate output type(s) Certificate expiry date
BCS0412C9 GWE Biogas Sandhill Biogas Plant East Yorkshire Separated liquor 31/01/2025
BCS0512C14 Langage Farm Langage AD plant Devon Whole digestate 11/07/2025
BCS0612C5 Severn Trent Green Power (Cassington) Limited Cassington AD Plant Oxfordshire Whole digestate 30/06/2025
BCS0313C10 Barfoots Ltd Barfoots AD plant West Sussex Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0413C25 Refood UK Ltd Doncaster South Yorkshire Whole digestate 30/04/2025
BCS0613C27 Severn Trent Green Power (Wallingford) Limited Wallingford AD Plant Oxfordshire Whole digestate 30/06/2025
BCS0913C42 Biogen (UK) Ltd Westwood AD Plant Northamptonshire Whole digestate 30/09/2024
BCS1213C3 Severn Trent Green Power (Andigestion) Ltd Holsworthy Biogas Plant Devon Whole digestate 31/12/2024
BCS0314C52 Swancote Energy Ltd Swancote Farm Shropshire Separated liquor 31/03/2025
BCS0614C57 Severn Trent Green Power (West London) Limited West London AD Facility Surrey Whole digestate 31/05/2025
BCS0814C34 Energen Biogas Energen Biogas North Lanarkshire Whole digestate 15/10/2024
BCS0914C35 Biogen (UK) Ltd Twinwoods Bedfordshire Whole digestate 31/08/2025
BCS0914C58 Biogen (UK) Ltd Llwyn Isaf AD site Gwynedd Whole digestate 30/09/2024
BCS1014C26 Shropshire Biogas Green Lodge AD plant Leicestershire Separated liquor 30/09/2024
BCS1214C59 Herriard Bio-Power Herriard Bio Power Ltd Basingstoke Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS1214C50 MF Bennion Ltd Rose Hill Farm Gloucestershire Separated liquor 30/09/2024
BCS0115C51 Cannington Enterprises Ltd Cannington AD Somerset Separated liquor 31/01/2025
BCS0115C21 Earnside Energy Ltd Earnside Energy AD and Compost site Perthshire Separated liquor 21/03/2025
BCS0115C60 Biocollectors Riverside AD Surrey Separated liquor 27/03/2025
BCS0215C54 Emerald Biogas Emerald Biogas County Durham Whole digestate 10/03/2025
BCS0215C47 Holbeach Biogas Limited T/A Biogen Holbeach AD Facility Lincolnshire Whole digestate
Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0315C63 Biogen Waen Ltd Waen Anaerobic Digestion Site Denbighshire Whole digestate 28/02/2025
BCS0315C16 Local Generation Local Generation Cambridgeshire Whole digestate 31/03/2025
BCS0315C62 Shropshire Energy Ltd May Farm Cambridgshire Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0315C65 Codford Biogas Codford Biogas Wiltshire Whole digestate 15/12/2024
BCS0415C66 Foyle Bio Energy Foyle Food Group County Londonderry Whole digestate 30/04/2025
BCS0415C40 Sutton Grange AD Limited T/A Biogen Sutton Grange AD Nottinghamshire Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0415C43 Olleco Westcott Biogas Generation Plant Buckinghamshire Whole digestate 31/03/2025
BCS0415C64 East London Biogas Limited East London AD plant Essex Separated liquor 30/04/2025
BCS0515C15 Biffa, Poplars Landfill Site Staffordshire Separated liquor 31/05/2025
BCS0615C6 Scottish Water Horizons Ltd Deerdykes ORF North Lanarkshire Whole digestate 15/03/2025
BCS0815C67 Biogen Bygrave Ltd Bygrave Lodge AD plant, Hertfordshire Whole digestate 31/07/2025
BCS0815C45 Fraddon Biogas Ltd Fraddon Biopower Cornwall Whole digestate
Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS0915C59 Refood UK Ltd ReFood UK Widnes Cheshire Whole digestate 31/08/2024
BCS0915C32 Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd Eco AD Facility Dorset Whole digestate 31/08/2024
BCS1015C56 Biogen Southern Limited Biogen Southern Limited North Somerset Whole digestate 31/10/2024
BCS0116C41 Granville Ecopark Limited (B9 Dungannon) Granville Ecopark Co Tyrone Whole digestate 30/04/2025
BCS0216C91 Grissan Carrick Ltd Grissan Carrick Ladywell Ayrshire Separated fibre 30/04/2025
BCS0316C78 Biogen Bryn Pica Ltd Bryn Pica Waste Disposal Site Glamorgan Whole digestate 28/02/2025
BCS0516C82 Agripost Lower House Farm Shropshire Separated liquor 31/05/2025
BCS0616C84 Severn Trent Green Power (Andigestion) Ltd Wingmoor Farm East Gloucestershire Whole digestate 31/05/2025
BCS0616C24 Malaby Biogas Bore Hill Farm Biodigester Wilts Separated liquor 30/06/2025
BCS0716C92 Ludlow Bio Energy Ltd Ludlow Bio Energy Shropshire Whole digestate
Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS0816C93 Hemswell Biogas Hemswell Biogas Lincolnshire Whole digestate 31/08/2024
BCS0916C95 Biogen (UK) Ltd Merevale AD plant Warwickshire Whole digestate 31/08/2025
BCS0916C96 Severn Trent Green Power Coleshill Food Waste AD Plant Warwickshire Whole digestate 30/09/2024
BCS0916C46 Tamar Renewable Power Basingstoke T/A Biogen Basingstoke AD Facility Hampshire Whole digestate 30/09/2024
BCS1016C94 Grissan Riverside Glenfidditch Distillery Banffshire Whole digestate
Separated fibre
BCS0217C99 Bryn Power Ltd Bryn Power Glamorgan Whole digestate
Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS0217C97 Fylde Fresh and Fabulous Stanley Villa Farm Lancashire Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS0317C98 Severn Trent Green Power (Bridgend) Limited South Wales AD Facility Vale of Glamorgan Whole digestate 28/02/2025
BCS0417C101 Asgard Renewables Ltd Asgard Renewables Ceredigion Whole digestate 31/03/2025
BCS0617C103 Severn Trent Green Power (North London) Limited North London AD Hertfordshire Whole digestate 31/05/2025
BCS0717C104 Merrivale Energy Ltd Merrivale Energy Nottinghamshire Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS0717C106 Willen Biogas Ltd Willen Biogas AD Facility Middlesex Separated liquor 30/06/2025
BCS0917C108 Pickstock Telford Ltd Pickstock Telford Shropshire Whole digestate 30/09/2024
BCS1217C109 Biogen EM Opco Limited Millerhill AD Plant Midlothian Whole digestate 31/12/2024
BCS1217C110 Severn Trent Green Power Ltd Severn Trent Green Power Ltd (West Birmingham) Staffordshire Whole digestate 31/10/2024
BCS0218C111 Olleco Olleco AD Plant Buckinghamshire Whole digestate 28/02/2025
BCS0318C112 Duranta Teesside Ltd Teesside Anaerobic Digestion Power Plant Yorkshire Whole digestate 07/03/2025
BCS0418C113 ALG Biogas Ltd ALG Biogas County Tyrone Separated liquor 30/04/2025
BCS0518C114 Northwick Power Limited Stanley's Quarry Gloucestershire Whole digestate 30/06/2025
BCS0618C115 Refood UK Ltd (Dagenham) Refood UK Dagenham Essex Whole digestate 31/05/2025
BCS0618C116 W H Gittins Wykey Farm Shropshire Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0718C117 John Rennie & Sons (Farmers) Ltd Westpark Aberdeenshire Whole digestate 31/07/2024
BCS0818C118 Grissan Carnside Ltd Hatton Farm Angus Separated liquor 31/07/2024
BCS0818C120 Xergi Ltd Tully Biogas Plant County Antrim Separated fibre 16/06/2025
BCS0918C121 Amur Amur AD Plant West Yorkshire Whole digestate 09/09/2025
BCS0818C119 Grissan Portside (Beyside) Ltd Portgordon Maltings Banffshire Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0918C122 Bioconstruct New Energy Imperial Park AD Plant North Yorkshire Whole digestate 13/09/2024
BCS0219C123 Iona Management Services Brocklesby AD Plant East Yorkshire Whole digestate 28/02/2025
BCS0219C124 Leeming Biogas Ltd Iona Management Services Ltd North Yorkshire Whole digestate 31/01/2025
BCS0319C125 Welsh Water Organic Energy (Cardiff) Ltd Welsh Water Glamorgan Separated liquor 31/03/2025
BCS0919C128 Rockscape Energy Ltd Rockscape Energy North Lincolnshire Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0420C131 McCulla SPV1 Ltd Alternity Biogas Whole digestate 09/09/2024
BCS1219C129 Snowdon Energy Ltd Snowdon Hill Farm Somerset Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS0121C141 Severn Trent Green Power Derby Food Waste Plant Derbyshire Whole digestate 31/12/2024
BCS0920C134 R100 Energy Ltd R100 Energy East Yorkshire Whole digestate 31/08/2024
BCS1220C137 Holme Bioenergy Park Farm AD Facility N Yorkshire Whole digestate 30/11/2024
BCS0920C135 Crofthead Biogas Limited Crofthead Biogas Plant Dumfries Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS1220C138 Evergreen Natural Energy Limited Evergreen Natural Energy Limited Omagh Whole digestate 18/12/2024
BCS0620C133 Corrboard Bioenergy Corrboard Bioenergy Ltd Lincolnshire Whole digestate 31/05/2025
BCS0420C130 ALG Biogas Ltd ALG Biogas Ltd (Strabane) County Tyrone Separated liquor 30/04/2025
BCS1120C136 Thornfield 001 Thornfield Energy Shropshire Whole digestate 30/11/2024
BCS0222C148 BioConstruct NewEnergy Ltd Blaise Biogas AD Facility Kent Whole digestate 13/02/2025
BCS0221C142 BioConstruct NewEnergy Ltd Wardley Biogas AD Facility Tyne & Wear Whole digestate 01/03/2025
BCS0321C143 Vale green Energy ltd Rotherdale Worcestershire Separated liquor 18/03/2025
BCS0121C139 Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Creed Park Isle of Lewis Whole digestate 21/12/2024
BCS0521C145 Sheppey Energy Limited New Hook Farm Kent Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0420C132 Lanes Farm Energy Lanes Farm West Yorkshire Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS0421C144 DBE Energy Ltd Dunsfold Park AD Facility Surrey Whole digestate 19/04/2025
BCS0121C140 Bio Dynamic (UK) Limited Bio Dynamic (UK) AD Plant Nottinghamshire Whole digestate 30/06/2025
BCS0721C147 Barkip Biogas Ltd Barkip AD Plant Ayrshire Whole digestate 22/07/2024
BCS0423C155 GWE Biogas Sandhill 2 East Yorkshire Separated liquor
Separated fibre
BCS1222C152 Suez Recycling and Recovery UK Eco Park Surrey Separated fibre 14/12/2024
BCS1122C151 Stanton Energy Ltd Stanton Energy Ltd Derbyshire Separated fibre
Separated liquor
Whole digestate
BCS0223C153 Charlton Park Biogas Ltd Charlton Park Biogas Ltd Separated fibre
Separated liquor
BCS0722C149 Agri-gen Ltd Agri-gen Suffolk Separated liquor 30/06/2025
BCS1122C150 Reneco Ltd Reneco Ltd Whole digestate 15/11/2024
BCS0000A56 Clayton Hall Farm Bioenergy Clayton Hall Farm West Yorkshire Whole digestate 31/03/2025

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